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  • Queensland and Cairns have become one of the hottest solar uptake places in the world. With our record sun hours and low cost installations, it's no wonder. So when the State Government announced they are going to pass the buck of feed-in tariff responsibility to the utility companies, what does that mean for Cairns and the Cairns Solar consumer? On July 1, 2013 the state feed-in rate went from $0.44 to $0.08 per kWh. A drastic change yes, but a necessary one. Now those some 40,000 customers in QLD that have signed up for the $0.08 feed in rate and all customers to come are left wondering what they are going to receive for their excess solar power fed into the grid. In SE Queensland where there are more than one utility provider, customers will have the ability to negotiate their rate, whereas us regionalites with only Ergon will be at the whim of their decision. Cairns solar power customers on the $0.08 and any new solar customers will be on this new rate as of July 1, 2014. What it will be.....we will have to wait and see. For most solar customers that have had a properly sizes system and a tailored energy program in their home, the feed in rate should not matter that much. It should only represent less than 20% of your solar production, and equal quarterly savings of less than $20. A reduction or abolishment of this amount won't change the great return on investment and savings of a properly sized and quality solar system. For all solar power enquires, please call our office at 07 4055 2044 or visit our showroom at 17 Johnston St, Stratford.
  • Germany has installed 27GW (27,000,000 kW) of Solar PV in the past 5 years. Here is a really cool time lapse of this time showing the installations. Amazing how it covers nearly the entire country.
  • This is the tagline and motto of a German company, Younicos, that believes they have solved a major hurdle in moving to a 100% renewable energy grid.....GRID FREQUENCY. In Germany, regardless of the demand of their 80GW grid, they require between 20-25GW of "must-run" power in order to maintain the balance between frequency and grid stability. Younicos believe that 2GW of their battery parks could replace this must run power, making this potential wasted fossil burned power redundant. This is a huge step and could close down coal power for good in the not so far future!! Check them out at:
  • The Federal Governments announcement today to cut funding of the Australia Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) by 14.5% ($435 million) is yet another ignorant move by Canberra in their quest to pretend there is nothing wrong with burning fossil fuels for power. The people of the Philippines thank you Tony!! If we treat our bodies with disrespect, they clearly let us know that we need to change or things could get tragic. Well the Australian government continues to look at the world as if it's state has no priority over the day to day of the people living on it. The rest of the Western world has known for decades that this was something not to be ignored and they are leading the world in renewable energy sources.....and wouldn't you know it, IT'S GOOD FOR BUSINESS!!! Don't take your players out of the game just because you don't understand the sport!! Who gave the maestro's stick to a 3rd string rugby hooker....all he's doing is clearing his ears with it.
  • For year now in Australia, Suntech has been a popular name in Solar. Their product has been middle to top of the chain in price, and quality has been very good. However last year they, amongst a large group of other solar companies, had financial difficulty. There were rumours of them fudging numbers and borrowing from the left to give to the right, and words like liquidation and administration were being thrown around. Last week there was an announcement that they have filed for a provisional liquidation, while at the same time there was an announcement that Shunfeng PV has confirmed its investment in Suntech, and Wuxi Suntech Power will be out of administration in under 2 weeks. It all sounds like a bad movie and strategic corporate shuffling to me, but either way, if Suntech somehow keeps it head above water and continues to make solar panels, I think it best if we steer clear of them for a while until all the dust settles and confirmation of future solvency is a little more than speculation.
  • There have been rumours for the past 6-12 months that most panel companies around the globe are operating at a loss, due to the fierce competitiveness. We have seen many companies fold, and many being bailed out by their governments. The PHOTON International is a publication about the solar industry and they have what is called a PHOTON Price Index, which basically shows stock prices for solar cells. In the last week (more…)

  • On Friday Naked Energy attended James Cook University’s inaugural Sustainability Symposium and Fair where community members, local businesses, authors, researchers and politicians came together to share, inspire and discuss sustainability issues that impact the world in the face of a rising population, and more specifically, pressing issues that will affect the long term sustainability of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland as food, water and fossil fuels become scarcer resources.

    The symposium’s seminars kicked off with a guest speaker, Rob Hopkins, who is co-founder of the Transition Network a network that supports community led responses to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. The transition town movement is happening in thousands of towns across the globe as communities band together to initiate projects in the areas of food, transport, energy, education, housing and wealth in response to global challenges such as climate change and the dwindling availability of cheap energy. The transition town initiative gives people (more…)

  • If you have been following the news this week surrounding the Queensland Competition Authorities decision to raise power bills by more than 20% you would be well aware of the political ping pong match being played around this matter. The all too familiar blame game between the Federal Government, who sets the price of electricity tariffs, and the Queensland Government, who owns the infrastructure, is being waged with a third culprit, Green Energy Schemes, also being dragged into the showdown. So what is the truth (more…)

  • ...chances are it is, and the same is true with solar prices these days. UNLEASH Solar is the most recent large Southern company to go bust because of selling dodgy systems at far to low of prices. Watch video HERE When you are purchasing a solar power system for your home, its no different than purchasing anything get what you pay for. There are still quite a few companies from down south selling their low quality systems for low prices here in the Far North, but is it worth it? You get old technology panels, dodgy inverters, poor quality installation, and little to no customer service. This all to save a few bucks, but for how long? Purchasing a solar system is more than just price, because if they price is SO much less than everyone else, there is likely a reason. And in this case, that reason was because their business model was clearly unsustainable.
  • If anyone picked up a copy of today"s Cairns Post they would have noticed Naked Energy"s Wade Allen dazzling the cover page with a write up about the Queensland Competition Authorities power price rise and how solar panels may be the answer to combatting these price increases. The electricity price rises, which were announced last week, are set to increase the average family’s power bill by 21.4% which is, (more…)

  • It"s all over the news this weekend- Queenslanders are getting ready for an enormous power bill increase as the Queensland Consumer Authority recommends a 21.4% increase in power bills this year. It comes as no real surprise as there has been plenty of talk and speculation around this decision for months. With the writing on the wall it is time for the people of Cairns and Far North Queensland to make a choice about how they regulate and source their energy. Don"t be a victim to these astronomical power increases, empower your home and business with renewable energy alternatives to mainstream electricity. The first step is to have Naked Energy perform an energy audit of your home or business to find out how you can reduce your current energy consumption. Next the implementation of energy efficient products such as LED lighting, solar panels, solar hot water, solar air conditioning and energy efficient appliances will save you money. For those wanting complete independence from mainstream energy sources Naked Energy can offer total off grid (battery backup) solutions putting the power back in your hands.

  • Over half of the 75,000 Queenslanders who signed up for the 44 cent feed in tariff risk missing this golden opportunity if they don’t organise an installation soon. To take advantage of the generous feed in tariff solar PV systems must be installed and meter up grades organised by June 30 2013. There are concerns that many people will wait until the last minute to have their systems installed creating a solar frenzy which will result in installers being unable to keep up with demand leading to many disappointed people who will be unable to have their system installed by the cut-off date. The late wet season in Cairns and Far North Queensland resulting in dry weather means there is no time better than now to organise your installation. Current install wait periods at Naked Energy are less than 14 days so contact us today and have your system running and saving you money by Easter! It is worth noting that customers do not need to have their system installed by the same company that they lodged their IES application with. It pays to shop around and also to ensure not only a good price, but a reputable and trustworthy company that will provide after sale service long after your panels have been fitted to your roof. For those who did not get their IES application in before the 9th of July 2012 when the 44 cent feed in tariff ended will now qualify for 8 cents per kW. This still presents an amazing opportunity as solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable and full renewable energy packages including LED lighting, solar air conditioners and solar hot water can save you money on your power bill by offsetting your energy consumption. Contact Naked Energy today for a free energy audit of your home.
  • 21 February, 2013
    For all those who have been to our office at 31F Campus Shopping Village, Smithfield the next time you come in it will look quite differently. As a backbone of the Cairns Solar Power industry Naked Energy has renovated their office to show off our renewable energy products. It isn't quite finished yet, but it has been transformed into a more energy efficient renewable office with LED Lighting, Solar Air Conditioning (this week), and if we can convince our building owner to go solar....that will be next. Come in for a visit and chat to one of us anytime M-F from 8:30-5. Let's talk Solar, Commercial Solar, LED Lighting, Solar Air Conditioning, Batteries, Off Grid Solar, STC Government Solar Rebates.....or just a good heart to heart! :) 31F Campus Shopping Village 5 Faculty Close Smithfield 4878
  • The current STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) rebate program has a maximum of 100kW whereby the end user can receive an upfront discount from their solar supplier. This means that in Queensland, Solar PV Systems up to 100kW can receive a rebate equal to the Size of the System (in kW) x 1.382 (MW/year production per kW of panels) x 15 (years of carbon offset prepaid). Therefore a 50kW Solar PV System will generate 50 x 1.382 x 15 = 1036 STC's. STC rebates are currently hovering around the $30 mark, so that system will generate a 1036 x $30 = $31,080 rebate. That's straight off the top price of a system......significant. This rebate is now being threatened by the Federal government as they continue to find ways to save money, and hurt one of the most popular, growing, and employing industries in Australia (and the world). They are considering reducing that threshold from 100kW to 10kW, making commercial solar a less attractive investment for businesses to help mediate the ever increasing power costs that plague their overheads. The good news is, it is still at 100kW so all business owners looking to add commercial solar systems to their roofs have a great and unique opportunity right now to drastically reduce their power costs. Don't sit on the fence any longer, call Naked Energy today to discuss how we can get a system on your roof and have you in one of the best investments your business will ever make. Cairns solar is still growing and we can really make an impact on the rest of the country.
  • Another day, another company adding to the list of smart technologies to enhance energy efficiency and smart grid potential for customers. This time, its Arlington Virginia’s Opower, a leader in providing customer based solutions for utilities. In development for five years, the app will allow customers to use Opower 4, which uses five main components: big data analytics, home energy control, behaviour engagement, energy information services, and retail and marketing services. “Opower 4 has gained a … Read More

    Opower Releases New Energy Mobile Phone App was originally published on: CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 30,000 others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or just visit our homepage.


  • The big wind news of the past year that we keep trumpeting is that US wind power accounted for more new US power capacity in 2012 than coal (which actually declined), natural gas, nuclear, solar, or anything else. It made up 42% of new power capacity additions in the US last year. But another huge wind power stat from Denmark is also worthy of a trumpet or two. Wind provided enough electricity for over 30% of Denmark’s … Read More

    Wind Energy Hits Over 30% Of Denmark’s Electricity Consumption At End Of 2012 was originally published on: CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 30,000 others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or just visit our homepage.

  • There’s a lot in the news these days about solar manufacturers going bankrupt. This news is often disheartening, and sometimes used to discredit solar technology and the industry itself. Based on a study I just recently completed, I can tell you that the global industry shakeout is just beginning. Many others have noted, however, that this does not spell bad news for solar technology, its adoption in mainstream society, or the future of solar installation … Read More

    Solar Industry Shakeout — What It Really Means was originally published on: CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 30,000 others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or just visit our homepage.

  • Dr Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University and Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary‐General on the Millennium Development Goals, gave one of the strongest presentations of the first-ever Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and the 6th Annual World Future Energy Summit — it might have been the strongest presentation, in my opinion. His goal definitely seemed to be to wake us up to the urgency of addressing global warming and global climate change, and I … Read More

    Jeffrey Sachs: Natural Gas Is “Absolutely Not Clean Enough” was originally published on: CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 30,000 others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or just visit our homepage.


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