Clean and renewable energy is the future. We offer complete energy solutions for commercial, utility, mining, residential and large scale projects.


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Welcome to Naked Energy

Naked Energy is a professional firm offering consultancy, project management and installation of hybrid energy efficiency systems.

We offer complete energy solutions for commercial, utility, mining, residential and large scale projects. Our products include PV solar, refrigeration and air conditioning conversions, aggregated billing software for multi-tenancies, energy monitoring systems, LED lighting solutions and other power saving devices

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Protect yourself from ever increasing energy prices.

Battery Storage

With a battery solution, you can now save on electricity costs both day and night


Products & Services


Save costs on your energy bill simply by replacing the lights at your property to LED's.

Embedded Network

Save on labour hours by using a billing software to do the mundane billing work for you.


Save up to 40% on your current bill and reduce repair and maintenance costs.


Solar For Your Home

Planning to go solar for your home? At Naked Energy, our mission is to help homeowners to live free from electricity costs. 


Solar For Business

Cut your companies expenses by 50% as soon as next week and reap those benefits for the next 25 years. Let us help you find the optimal system your budget, location and current government incentives.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Jackson James

Great Company, very professional. They communicated with us the whole way through so we knew exactly what was going on. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to get solar. I would defiantly give this company 5 stars.

I love our Solar Panels by Naked Energy. Before they were installed, our power bill was huge, as there are 6 of us, but now, we have small bills, and get a credit.

Really great company helped us with a system after we built our house, friendly and patient they found what worked best for us and what suited our needs offering multiple choice and solutions didn't push any choices or brands gave us freedom to choose.

Linda Lister - Brough

Matthew Lynn