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Battery Storage

The Battery Storage Revolution

More and more Australians are investigating solar energy storage systems.  Why?  Because solar systems can only provide you with electricity that are dependent on sunlight.  Imagine being able to store away the unused energy from your daily solar production and use that power even when the sunlight has gone?  Now you can save on electricity costs both day and night. Wouldn’t that be a step towards eliminating your power bill altogether.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, it is said that Australia is expected to be the worlds largest residential storage market in 2019.  More Australians have already had battery ready solar solutions installed and are waiting for the battery system prices to decrease.  Look no further, now we have a battery solution that you can afford.

Huawei Luna 10kW Battery.PNG


Never have a

blackout again


electricity costs

Reduce losses as

you come off state

sponsored feed in tariff

Help build the

grid of the future

Reduce carbon


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