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Electrical Circuit

Embedded Network


An Embedded Network is when you - the building owner, operator or occupier - purchase a utility (e.g. electricity) at a cheaper rate for the whole building and sell this to all your tenants and body corporates at a reduced rate. Both you and your tenants win with cheaper utilities using group buying power.

As business owners, you want to be working smarter and not harder.  Our billing software provides you with the following services within one easy to use system:

  • Meter reading,

  • Online portal for tenants/occupiers,

  • Invoice production and distribution,

  • Payment receipting

  • Complete building utility management.

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Bulk Hot Water Embedded Network.png
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Cheaper Supply Charge.png

Cheaper Supply Charge

Easy Billing will supply utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, water) cheaper than the retailer rate for individuals.

Guarantee Savings.png

Guarantee Savings
We guarantee savings on tenant bills

Easy to Install.png

Easy to Install and Manage
Our systems work out of the box and are completely automated to manage ongoing operations.

Tenant Retention.png

Tenant Retention for Investors

With lower utility costs, you can retain your tenants in a building.

Industry Leaders.png

Industry Leaders

Join leaders in sustainability without affecting your bottom line and save money

More Control.png

More Control

Greater control of the sites infrastructure means more opportunity in the future. e.g installing electric vehicle charging stations.

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