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Mylite Pty Ltd commenced trading in October 2014. It began as a part time lighting hobby business. It quickly transgressed with the market to include solar systems as its core product. In 2018, the company changed its trading name to Naked Energy. Today Naked Energy has grown to offer a range of products in the energy efficiency space.  

Having access to a range of quality connections, the latest technology, a large range of high end quality products, expertise and experience, Naked Energy can put you ahead of the game. We do not simply want a job, we want a job well done.

If you're after a company who truly cares for you, look no further.

Why Choose Us?

Our Difference



Our tagline is we hide nothing. We believe in being honest and transparent with our customers so they can make informed decisions
about what they hope to achieve.



We know that not all products or installations are the same.  We want you to have a system most free of heartache and headaches so that you can focus on what's really important (your business, your home).  We wont compromise on quality.



We use only CEC accredited installers, electricians, and engineers, and qualified contractors. We use only
CEC approved products in every installation. You can come to us as a one stop shop for all your energy
efficiency needs.



It's not just about solar. We're all about designing systems that will set you up for the future. With ever increasing costs, we
think way ahead to help you save money not just now, but in to the future. It's about all things energy efficient.



Want to hang on to your cash? With financing options at our finger tips you don't have to rely on your own
savings to purchase the system you want. You can opt to pay off your
investment over time.



Do you get annoyed at poor customer service? The last thing anyone wants is to
give our money away to a company that treats us like a number. We believe we
exist only because of our customers. We desire to build long term relationships with you.

Our Team

We believe a business is not a business without a great team, our staff are a dedicated team of individuals who are experts in their field. Our team are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and is always open to growing, learning and looking for better ways to serve our customers.

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  • To become the number one leader in innovative solutions.

  • To save business and residential customers money on their energy needs.

  • To supply products and services infused with advanced technology that yield the best results.

  • To build strong long term relationships with customers and our suppliers.

  • To give back to the community so that others will benefit for the long term.

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